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The latest in communications, PR and Design

It’s time for a new link collection. This time it covers the latest in communications, marketing, storytelling, PR, advertising, startups and design.


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All info about infographics

In the tech era infographics has become a very popular tool to spread ideas and information about certainly everything.
In this post i will give you all the tools you need to get inspired and ready to become an infotainment guru yourself.

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8 Inspiring Language Learning Sites

Your dream of becoming a polygot are now even closer.
Check out these great language learning sites.

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Five Great Book Searching Sites

Want to read a book but don’t know which one to choose?
Here are five sites that hopefully helps you out.

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The Ultimate Collection of Creativity Sites

A collection of the best sites for tech news, tips, tutorials and education.
This will boost your internet experience and creativity.

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Best Sites for Streaming

Here is a collection of my favorite streaming sites, enjoy.

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If you want to take a break from reading books or short news flashes and spend some time digging into a variety of longer stories, this is for you.

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